Taking healthcare online

  • Client
    Ask Your Pro
  • Year
    2019 - 2021
  • Discipline
    illustration, logo

Access a portal of healthcare professionals

Ask Your Pro, formerly known as Ask Your Pharmacist, is the leading platform for connecting patients with healthcare professionals all around Canada. The platform allows patients to find and ask a healthcare professional any health or drug related questions, helping them skip the line at the pharmacy and sometimes even completely omitting the need to visit the physician. Ask Your Pro’s goal is to make it highly accessible for the public to seek reliable advice and information from dedicated healthcare professionals - with the hopes of fighting the omnipresent “fake news” on the internet.

Thanks to Tofu Design, our website now looks like it is coming straight from Silicon Valley. Both patients and clinicians love the illustrations, so we're very happy to have selected Tofu!

Alexandre Chagnon, Founder

Clinical colours with a sense of calmness

When we built out the colour scheme for Ask Your Pro, it was important to remember their position as medical experts in their respective fields. The scheme should feel professional and clinical yet approachable and down-to-earth. It is, after all, still a service catered to the public.

Based on their primary green, we built out a scheme made of soft blues, greens, and oranges that easily adapts to all the different characters and elements in their visual design.

Sleek, simple, and clean

The goal was to create an illustration style that was elegant, professional, and modern all while being friendly. Alexandre had a very specific vision for the exact style he wanted the humans to look like - proportionate, no facial expressions, and diverse. Using that as our launchpad, we further developed the illustration style to accommodate smaller details like pill bottles, animals, plants, and environments.