Traditional pastificio, modern branding

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Great pasta served with great aesthetic

PastaPasta is our self-initiated take on the branding of a pastificio - a specialty pasta shop for fresher and faster pasta. A good plate of pasta, when done with absolute perfection, is the epitome of comfort food. But once you're tasted handmade pasta, store-bought dried pasta just doesn't cut it. PastaPasta is the answer we long for: great pasta with a great aesthetic.

A saucy combination of Italian tastes

For PastaPasta, we imagined a quaint little shop tucked under lush vines with a little wooden signboard by a bright blue door - the ideal setting to house beautiful vintage Italian ceramic tiles. We wanted the brand to feel really homey but not craftsy, polished but not detached. It's a combination deeply inspired by Italy's intricate tile and famous pasta artistry.


The trio: pesto, marinara, formaggio

When it came to colours, we were apprehensive to take the obvious approach of highlighting the Italian flag. Instead, we turned to the trinity of pasta flavours and colours: pesto, marinara, formaggio. These colours represent a burst of freshness, balance, and depth - all the criteria to the perfect pasta.


Fresh pasta when you want it

The "faster" in the tagline stems from the possibility of pasta home delivery. Think it, want it, get it - that's what we're going for. Imagine a world where fresh pasta and instant gratification can live in harmony; maybe that's the answer to world peace? Who knows.