Traditional pastificio with a bold personality

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    branding, web, illustration, print
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    Food & beverage

What's your pasta persona?

Luigi is our self-initiated take on the branding of a pastificio - a specialty pasta shop for freshly made pasta all-day, everyday. The concept behind Luigi's is the innate understanding that everyone has a pasta they tend to gravitate to. Are you a tagliatelle? Or perhaps a fusilli? Who knows, but you can find out at Luigi's.

Made for the Buzzfeed personality quiz afficionados

In our world, Luigi's is a generational business revamped for the modern working adult. It's for the millennials who grew up taking Buzzfeed quizzes and obsessed with their "type" - whether it's a sandwich or a pasta, Luigi's branding is geared to satisfy both your carb cravings and your need for labels.