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  • Client
  • Year
    2020 - 2021
  • Discipline
    web, data visualisation

Directory for schools, parents, and councils

MyEd Search is an ecosystem for schools, parents, teachers, and councils to efficiently collect, upload, and update data on schools around the UK. This was an extremely thorough project with heavy data visualization and we’re so grateful to the MyEd team for their continued trust.

Comprehensive data made clear and simple
The first part of the project tackles the public-facing facet of MyEd Search: the search function and a collection of landing pages. This project particularly tested our abilities as designers to handle massive loads of information and carefully create space for them within a page. We had to remember who the audience were (parents, in this case), how they digested content, and what content mattered to them most.

So much info, but not overloaded

At the core of MyEd Search lies the Search Details page where all the necessary information about a certain school resides. The goal of the page was to be as comprehensive as possible - a one-stop for parents to obtain whatever they needed to make an informed decision. We approached the limited space vs. extensive information by organizing them into tabs, dropdown accordions, and sticky navigation bars and cards. This gave us more room and freedom to keep the page neat without omitting any details.