Re: Glowing skin despite the sun

  • Year
    2021 - 2022
  • Discipline
    branding, web

In the matter of skin, Re:skin knows best

Re:skin’s branding revolves around skincare incorporated with sun protection. The brand wants to help people feel confident in their own skin with little to no makeup and believes in helping those who forget their sunscreen to well, never have to remember it again.

Butter up against the sun

The idea for Re:skin came when we were thinking about how there are so few brands out there who sells sunscreens as their core product. And even if there are, few do it well. With summers getting hotter, sun protection is becoming more relevant and shouldn’t be an afterthought to any skincare line or regime. That’s how Re:skin came to be.


Scalable brand communication

The name Re:skin is a word play on Re:, as in “in matter of”, “in reference to”, “regarding”, etc - our favourite Latin word in every email. This direction unlocks a powerful brand communication tool for us to expand into new product categories and lean completely into re- words for marketing materials.