A new frontier of speakeasy

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Sputnik Speakeasy has gone into orbit

When you think of a speakeasy, the first thing that comes to mind are usually deep emerald colours in a moody, mysterious setting - lots of teaks, gold, and warm light. With Sputnik, we wanted to try something completely different - more upbeat, vibrant, and spunky. We wanted it to feel like a Friday night escape rather than an extension of a business meeting, and hopefully takes you out of this world.

A cocktail of cosmic elements

Space themes are no stranger to us. However, they're often depicted in darker hues - as space should be, sure. But we think space is far more colourful and far more exciting and we wanted to dial that feeling of wonder right up with an unexpected colour palette. The colours are inspired by and rooted in space - purple for the nebulae out there, yellow for the glowing stars, green and blue for the Pillar of Creation, black - well, for the void - and grey for the stardusts.