Redesigned to serve grand slam energy

  • Year
    2023 - 2024
  • Client
  • Discipline
    brand identity, uiux, website

Dynamism of tennis, embodied

PlayYourCourt is America's fastest growing tennis community, helping you book courts, match players, and more - all in one platform. While the old branding was functional, it lacked the energy and representation of what tennis is all about. We wanted to refresh the branding by injecting the dynamic energy of tennis - its movement, its speed, and its boldness - to properly encapsulate the sport we know and love.

Paint the town Optic Yellow

A huge part of the rebrand lies in the color palette and its usage. From the controversial "Optic Yellow" of tennis balls to the colors of the court, we leaned in to inspire the visual direction. These colors are not only bold by nature, but together, they complement each other to form a cohesive and harmonious palette.


I was absolutely blown away with my experience with the Tofu team. Every step of the process from our initial exploration call to the last design file we received was flawless. I’ve never experienced this combination of friendliness, speed and quality work from a design team and we will be working exclusively with Tofu for all of our design needs moving forward. I can’t say enough nice things about these guys, thank you Tofu!


/ Scott Baxter - Founder